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  1. Two popular versions of this instrumental song exist. One is the studio version from Ride the Lightning, which clocks in at , and the version comes from the S&M symphonic renditions album. The song takes its name and concept from author H.P. Lovecraft's fictional creation, Cthulhu.
  2. Put me on the path to learn how to play bass like Cliff(unfortunately it was too expensive and I had to settle with getting a guitar, 18 years later I'm a guitar player), had to find what the call of Ktulu meant, so I discovered H.P. Lovecraft's stories, black metal and .
  3. Print and download The Call of Ktulu sheet music by Yannick Streibert arranged for Piano. Instrumental Solo in D Minor. SKU: MN
  4. Metallica:The Call Of Ktulu Lyrics. Edit. History Talk (5) Share. The Call of Ktulu. This song is by Metallica and appears on the album Ride the Lightning (). Watch video at YouTube. Song of the Day January 19, Instrumental. Credits. Music by: Cliff Burton, James Hetfield, Dave.
  5. "Ktulu" is a phoenetic spelling used by the band Metallica in referrence to "Cthulhu". Cthulhu is the ancient squid god of the sea in old Samarian religion, and was one of the three gods of the Most High Triumverate. He was a squid monster and was the only sea Missing: Remix).

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